Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fantastic Four, No More

I was never a big Marvel guy. As a kid I read DC predominately, but I did pay attention to some Marvel titles and The Fantastic Four was one of them. I know, I know I'm a forty year old reading comics but the writing on some titles has been something else. Writer Jonathan Hickman has really caught my my eye and my imagination. I don't recall what my introduction to Hickman was or why I started reading The Fantastic Four, but I am hooked.
Hickman's familiarity and interest in science is obvious and makes for a more interesting read, as does his interest in family dynamics and the willingness to create threats from within. One of the issues I loved was one where Reed questions what it means to be a man, a good man and a better man. He's taking chances, in fact his taken his biggest chances recently - Hickman killed one of the Fantastic Four (and it seems like the member is dead-dead not just comic book dead) and ended the series at #588 and relaunching the characters as The Future Foundation, or just FF, with another longtime Marvel character assuming a place on the team.
If you read comics or if you liked The Fantastic Four at any point, check out what Hickman has done when the trades come out and what he is doing currently.

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